The Family Who Eats Together Stays Together

Passing on the Family Tradition… Nieces & Nephews Eating Together in San Diego


Our family at SweetStacks cherishes cooking and eating together.  It’s part of our culture and tradition on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.  As Chamorros (indigenous people of Guam and Marianas Islands) we love to eat, cook and spend time with family and friends.  Our family has extraordinary and talented family members whose profession was culinary arts so you could say I grew up surrounded by ‘foodies’ in their time.  In our family every meal was made fresh and homemade from scratch using fresh fruits and vegetables from the island using family recipes passed down.  Fish caught from the Pacific Ocean by our uncles who were fishermen was shared among our family in the village of Agana Heights.  Aunts would bring over their special dishes to share with my family such as pies, blueberry pancakes, corn soup, etc.  Homemade food was the ABSOLUTE BEST!


Many family gatherings and parties included long tables of food (home cooked not store bought) brought by family members proud to share their favorite Chamorro recipes.

I remember looking forward to the annual village fiestas in Guam as almost every house in the village would have a huge party where everyone and anyone was welcome to eat as much Chamorro food as they like.  Preparations for the huge feast would take days.  Family members would gather and prepare the food and visit with one another making it a great opportunity to catch up and spend time together.  It’s fun cooking with family!  I remember dad and my uncles killing a pig and roasting it for the fiesta.  A Chamorro community celebrating together while sharing traditional, homemade delicious food was a wonderful way to bond and connect.

Typical Fiestas in Guam

I’m proud of this tradition on the island of Guam which gave me my strong love for family and tradition.  Family celebrating with food brings back happy memories for me and my family and we continue the tradition today even though we no longer live on the island.  We take our traditions with us anywhere in the world which we attribute to the closeness of our family.

As we approach the holidays we look forward to spending time with our families cooking and enjoying delicious food together. Who doesn’t like to eat?  As sentimental as I am, I’m a big believer that food tastes better when enjoyed with family and friends.

Here’s to family and traditions.  Have a blessed and wonderful holiday with your families!

Happy cooking,
Elaine Babauta (Founder of SweetStacks)



Chamorro Plate:  Red Rice, BBQ Chicken and Short Ribs, Empanada, Cucumber Daigo Salad and Chicken Keleguen.

And for dessert Banana Donuts (family recipe).


Guam Banana Donut Mix (derived from our great grandma’s  recipe)

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