Heart & Soul of SweetStacks – A Family Legacy to Honor


The heart and soul of SweetStacks – my mother, Delfina Camacho Babauta, working hard and making the banana donut batter from scratch at the 2016 Pacific Islander Festival (PIFA) in San Diego on Sept 24 – 25, 2016.  My mom is the brains behind the recipes. She and her mother, grandmother and aunts and uncles all love(d) to cook. SweetStacks is in honor of them and our family tradition of cooking and eating together.  We love participating in the Pacific Islander Festival in San Diego every year to share with our customers the wonderful recipes and treats our family has enjoyed through the generations.  Our family loves delicious food and sharing and celebrating with family. This is the Camacho family way and Chamorro way (Guam tradition). Thanks Mom for passing this legacy on to me.

Elaine Camacho Babauta (President and Founder of SweetStacks)


great grandma and grandpa
Great Grandma & Grandpa


great grandma
Great Grandma


camacho family
Great Aunts & Uncles


camacho family2
Camacho Family






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