SweetStacks at the 2015 Chamorro Cultural Festival

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SweetStacks participated in the 6th annual Chamorro Cultural Festival in San Marcos, CA on March 28, 2015.  Every year this special festival offers cultural performances, entertainment, arts and crafts, and a taste of the Mariana Islands – Chamorro cuisine, one of the most popular elements of the festival.   There were many food vendors offering favorites such as red rice, chicken kelaguen, and other signature Chamorro dishes.

We at SweetStacks being Chamorros from Guam are proud to embrace our culture, traditions and heritage and have participated in the Chamorro Cultural Festival in San Diego every year since it’s inception.  We always sell our Signature Banana Donuts (bonelos aga), Rosketti cookies, our New Product Banana Donut Mix and our Gourmet Pancake Mixes.  It was a family affair with Dad, Mom, sister, nephew and a family friend working the booth.  Biba Guam!







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