Success at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 in San Francisco

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After attending the Winter Fancy Food Show and the Summer Fancy Food Show for a few years as an attendee with different family members I decided it was TIME for SweetStacks to become an Exhibitor at this prestigious annual food show.  It’s an annual event put on by the Specialty Food Association.  It is not open to the public.  Only food businesses and their employees, buyers, retail stores, brokers and distributors are granted admission.  It is said that the ‘Fancy Food Show’ is the ‘super bowl’ of the food industry in North America. We attended as attendees/observers in the past to do our homework and research on how to prepare to exhibit at the show because it’s not a cheap investment/event.  We cannot sell product at the Food Show we can only take orders from interested Retailers.  The other reason is to be in front of thousands of Buyers, Brokers, and Distributors in the Food Industry across the country.  These professionals make the food industry and are the KEY people in helping small food businesses thrive and take their products National.  The ROE investment comes AFTER the show when we can turn our LEADS into sales.  It’s a different way of business that I’m not accustomed to as we have only done local festivals, farmers markets, selling online and have a Distributor in Guam who purchases from us multiple times during the year.  If a Distributor in Guam can carry and sell our products for the last 2 years why can’t we do this in the mainland (US)??  SO we have to think BIGGER as we want to share our quality products with more customers.  🙂

So it was a year ago January 2015 that I attended the Winter Fancy Food Show with my sister (Anita Green) in San Francisco.  We attended several seminars at the Fancy Food Show, walked around the show for 3 days, we took notes and started the planning.  I signed up and put a deposit to exhibit in the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show.  I can say now, a year later and after completing our 1ST Winter Fancy Food Show it was the BEST decision I’ve ever made for SweetStacks. It will go down as an EPIC and monumental moment for us.  We received a lot of GREAT feedback from everyone who visited our booth.  Some big names stopped by our booth and provided their contact information wanting us to reach out to them.  I won’t disclose who the big names are because the REAL win comes with them placing an order with us and selling our products.  We got over 140 LEADS!  Even though we were flattered, in awe and excited for the great feedback and interest we still have lots of work to do in order to take our products national.  It will take time, more hard work, continued passion, continued learning, keeping to our Core and Family values, and more importantly continued support from family, friends and our loyal customers.  I am forever grateful to EVERYONE who has given us their support including all of our awesome customers!!  Without you SweetStacks could not exist.  A special thanks to my immediate family… my mother Delfina Camacho Babauta (who taught us her recipes and taught us family values that she learned from her family and mother);  my father who continually tells me how proud he is of me;  my sisters and brother who have continuously supported me and SweetStacks since our very first Festival (PIFA in San Diego in 2004);  my nieces and nephews who worked as young kids in the festivals and still give their support and still work in the company in their 20’s;  and a special thanks to my ancestors (Camacho Family) from my mother’s side where it all began – their strong family values were the best ingredient to sitting down to delicious home cooked meals as a family.  Family and Delicious Food go together!

So onward we go, following up on our Leads from the show and working to bring SweetStacks into more homes in the United States.  We hope to pass the message that Family traditions and values can still exist in homes.  Let us help you by bringing SweetStacks to your table.


Elaine Babauta

President and CEO

My nephew Josh & niece Mariana set up our booth! They’re GREAT kids… still think of them as kids. lol  They’ve been working SweetStacks since they were kids.


A family affair – 3 generations: My nephew Josh, Mom, Me and my niece Mariana.


My Niece Mariana and her BFF Katie (who is part of our family) being awesome & professional in our booth!


Mom and grandson Josh in our booth… passing down the tradition.



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