We started our Independence Day with SweetStacks pancakes. My husband said these were the best pancakes he has ever eaten!

RaChelle H., Utah

Being a gluten free family we have tried several gluten free pancake mixes. My husband and the kids LOVED your mix. I will definitely be ordering it off your website.

Tina F., Downers Grove, IL

Buttery blueberry sweet stacks for Christmas Eve breakfast. Thank you for your amazing mixes.

Eric R., San Diego, CA

We LOVE our SweetStacks and love to gift our friends and teachers with them. Merry Christmas!

S Camille H., Owings, MD

I love these pancakes! Not really a pancake person, but my son saw this on the shelf at the supermarket and asked me to make them, and fell in love.

Elen L.G., Guam

My daughters love eating SweetStacks pancakes. They also love helping me make them. It is a wonderful morning activity that brings us closer together.

Nicole K., West Linn, OR

We love SweetStacks!!! Thank you for making such a yummy pancake mix. When will it be available at Ralphs? :-)

Kari W., Placentia, CA

Looks like I need to order more! :-) thank you for the fast delivery from my first order! Fastest delivery ever!! Happy Holidays! (Originally from Tamuning, Guam)

Brian and Rhonele L., San Diego, CA

I LuuuuUUUUUUUUVVVVVVV your pancakes. Aloha bruhddah.

James M., Chula Vista, CA

Your product makes it so easy to come up with new ways to enjoy SweetStacks.

Alfred L., Millsboro, DE

SweetStacks is the BEST pancake mix ever! No other pancakes can measure up for us now! I also use it to make waffles! : )

Laura M., Hillsborough, NJ

I did a taste comparison with my family - I made one batch of Krusteaz and one batch of SweetStacks. They didn't know which was which and they all picked SweetStacks hands down! We are a SweetStacks family from now on!

Pat H., San Diego, CA

Absolutely melt in your mouth sweetness. We love SweetStacks pancakes and Waffles. Try Belgian Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream! YUM

Deborah M., Oak Leaf, TX

I've been hooked since my first taste of SweetStacks! There is no other pancake mix that can be compared to their sweet, fluffy, yummy cakes.

Kari R., Placentia, CA

SweetStacks are the best pancakes ever. Would never consider anything else!

Josh F., Port Jefferson, NY

My grandkids think these are the best pancakes ever. I always make extras to freeze so they can enjoy them after our visit is over.

Lois S., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been very happy with your products and service. I know I can always count on good service with an order and an excellent product to bring to the table.

Patricia A., Sierra Vista, AZ

The best pancakes ever! No taste comparison on the market to my knowledge. I am a chef at a B&B and have used your pancake mix many times. Also makes GREAT Ableskivers. KUDDOS!!

Chef Gwen, Newberg, OR

I got my FREE sample of SweetStacks Pancake Mix and they are the best tasting cakes EVER. The house even smelled heavenly while they cooked. Thank you SweetStacks--you rock!!

Janet N., San Diego, CA

Made Chamorro banana donuts with SweetStacks Pancake Mix...they are the best. Brought back memories when I was a little girl when my mother made them for us from scratch. I can't wait to make more recipes. Thanks for the sweet memories!

Emily A., Chula Vista, CA

I have never been a huge pancake lover, but SweetStacks pancakes have converted me! Our 5-year-old and 18-month-old love them so much that Sweetstacks pancakes have become a weekend tradition in our house. Thank you!

Christy W., Mill Creek, WA

SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes are far and away the absolute BEST pancakes my family has ever had. We are pancake aficionados and have tried them all.

Jane Y., Franklin Sq, NY

My whole family is addicted to these wonderful pancakes. We love them with mini chocolate chips. Everyone should try them!

Nancy P., Irvine, CA

SweetStacks are the very best pancakes that I've tried. My kids eat them for breakfast and make sure that I make extras so that they can have them for after school snacks. They are truly amazing.

Tina M., Draper, UT

If you love pancakes try SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes! They are wonderful!

Dianne T., Pahrump, NV

These are really great pancakes because they are light and fluffy and have so much flavor. They are a sweet treat for breakfast and you don't even need to drown them in syrup because they taste so good.

Katrina W., Oklahoma City, OK

Very light, great texture and taste, impossible to duplicate with homemade mixes.

Kent M., East Hampton, NY

Sweet Stacks pancakes are the most wonderful, decadent pancakes I have ever had. They are wonderful by themselves with just a bit of butter or with your favorite fruit or syrup! My whole family loves Sweet Stacks!

Stefanie S., Las Vegas, NV

Your Gourmet Pancakes are so sweet and fluffy. The taste is so much better then any other pancake around. I thought all mixes were the same until I tried SweetStacks Gourmet Pancakes.

Dawn G., Plymouth, IL

These are wonderful pancakes! SweetStacks is a good name for them! We loved these!

Sarah N., Springfield, OR