My cousin was visiting so I decided to use my mix for this special occasion. Could not believe how delicious it was. It was like having dessert.

Dianna S., Coconut Creek, FL

I tried the sample and the pancakes were so husband was very impressed!

Cindy E., Pembroke Pines, FL

I've had many friends/relatives try SweetStacks. Everyone who has tried it, asked me how to make such yummy pancakes. I say it's not me it's all in the mix.

Ashish M., San Francisco, CA

I used to avoid serving pancakes, because they never would come out edible but Sweetstacks are great, they are simple and turn out fantastic each time.

Belinda W., Chicago, IL

These really are the best pancakes I've ever had, and they're so easy to make!

Joyce L., Los Angeles, CA

The pancakes were extremely easy to make and had a great texture and naturally sweet taste. Simply delicious!

Michael M., Hollywood, FL

Your Sweetstacks gourmet pancakes are so awesome…our kids & grandkids can’t get enough of them!

Elias S., Killeen, TX

I have served these pancakes to family and friends and they all want to know where they can buy them. This is the best mix I've ever used.

Karen F., Oak Park, IL

Compared to IHOP and Crackel Barrel this is just so much more superior!! Unbelievable!!!… you’re getting fresh gourmet pancakes! Also, they make really good waffles! They’re really, really good with raspberry syrup!

Gertrelle T., Dalton, GA

They are the best tasting pancakes I have ever had, but don't tell my mother!

Tina O., Littleton, CO

I purchased the Sweetstacks pancake mix.. they are wonderful. The flavor is great with or without syrup. They mix together easy and no lumps.

Dorothy W., West Jordan, UT

Sweetstacks are a fantastic way to start a day with family! These great pancakes ensure a smile in every bite!

Jenny D., Glendale, CA

They are best for special occasions with my grandchildren. We eat them at anytime of day we wish and they take delight in how big and yummy they are!

Judy S., La Mesa, CA

Pancakes so good you'll want to serve them for dessert!

A. C., San Jose, CA

Love the Gourmet Pancakes because they have a different twist to regular pancake batter. They are light and fluffy, easy to make and taste delicious!

Angelica S., Chula Vista, CA

Pancakes are more fun and taste better now that I have Sweetstacks. They truly are a gourmet product!!!

Randy M., Seattle, WA

My husband will never eat any other pancakes after tasting SweetStacks. He says they are the best he has ever tasted. (I agree wholeheartedly)!!!

Patricia C., Larkspur, CO

Little ones hard to please? Tired of that endless discussion every morning—‘Please eat’! Well, here's the answer, SWEETSTACKS! The kids love them.

Jill B., Denver, CO

SweetStacks wins hands down on sheer deliciousness!!! You will never want another brand. Why would you? This one has it all!!

Angelica B., Manassas, VA

These are the best pancakes I've ever had! I love them with or without syrup. They are tasty with fruit too.

Leslie G., Highlands Ranch, CO

These are the BEST pancakes I've ever tasted! Really silky. No syrup required. The flavor wafts from the package as soon as you rip it open!!

Benni S., San Diego, CA

These pancakes are so good they’ll make you stay home on Sunday mornings instead of venturing out for brunch! I was blown away!!

Michelle B., Denver, CO

I LOVE the pancakes!! They're very sweet and they fill you up! They are very TASTY!!

Ed Z., El Cajon, CA

I cooked up a batch of the SweetStacks and they were out of this world! These are the WORLD'S FINEST Pancakes!

Jeff M., Chula Vista, CA

I give the pancake mix 5 stars! The pancakes were fluffy and easy to make. They tasted sweet without anything and they were sooo moist!

Kari G., Denver, CO

It seems impossible to put such light, sweet, fluffy flavor into a simple pancake mix! Compared to the generic pancake mix with really no flavor, these pancakes are amazing!! I didn't even need syrup!

Katie W., Camarillo, CA

Light, fluffy, and delicious! After tasting Sweetstacks, I can forgo IHOP, Waffle House and Hotcakes.

Robin R., Denver, CO

Sweetstacks is not only a great way to start your day, it's a VERSATILE product I can use in my kitchen all day long! I have made sweet and savory dishes with the mix. I even used it to make corn dogs! I love this product and can't wait to try out new recipes with it!

Jenny D., Glendale, CA

SweetStacks pancakes are the BEST pancakes my family and I ever tasted! My kids LOVE them! I especially love how they're so fluffy and 'springy'! They are like no other!

Karen P., Encinitas, CA

Thank you for the personal delivery service of your gourmet pancake mix. The SweetStacks were more than a success! We had about 25 people, some who didn’t even like pancakes, and all loved our SweetStacks! Again, thank you for the service and for making the party a huge success!

Gene K., San Diego, CA