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SweetStacks Gourmet Pancake and Waffle Mix is derived from a GUAM Family Recipe passed down through the generations. Our gourmet pancake mix is an Award Winning product winning 1st Place in The Americas Best™ Professional Food Competition in the Pancake Mix Category.

Our Recipes

Our gourmet pancake and waffle Mix make a great canvas for making easy, delicious, sweet and savory gourmet dishes. Our recipes are some of our Favorite Family recipes, other recipes submitted by loyal clients and fans and are Winners and Favorites from our Annual SweetStacks Recipe Contest. We hope you take delight in the many delicious ways to enjoy SweetStacks.

A history of Island Sweetness

SweetStacks uses the homemade, Pacific Islander recipes from our ancestors to make delicious gourmet pancakes and scrumptious island desserts. Learn more about SweetStacks and Guam Family Products.

Testimonials from SweetStacks lovers (read more)

Being a gluten free family we have tried several gluten free pancake mixes. My husband and the kids LOVED your mix. I will definitely be ordering it off your website.

Tina F., Downers Grove, IL

I love these pancakes! Not really a pancake person, but my son saw this on the shelf at the supermarket and asked me to make them, and fell in love.

Elen L.G., Guam

My grandkids think these are the best pancakes ever. I always make extras to freeze so they can enjoy them after our visit is over.

Lois S., Fort Lauderdale, FL